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an_angelsheart's Journal

21 August 1985
But ok lets be precise... I m a great fan of Xena Warrior Princess and of Xena and Gabrielle respectively, the next thing on my fandom list is Sailor Moon of course and Haruka and Michiru as a couple I love, and the couple I fell in love fairly recently are Regina and Emma from the Once Upon a Time show and even if producers do not decide to give them a chance as a couple, and you must admit, it would be a very interesting turn and twist, and very much needed, speaking of, that will give a good ground for the future development of the story, I ll still ship them as a couple. After all if you do not see the interest in Reginas eyes well, you must be blind. :)

And my favourite band is Within Temptation and fav solist is Sharon den Adel :) They are like they ve been made for me and I am utterly in love with them :)